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Security & Comfort

Security and functionality are two fundamental aspects of daily life. Our Security & Comfort solutions focus on protecting public and private structures from attempts at intrusion, theft and burglary. Our anti-intrusion systems use advanced technologies to ensure maximum security in every environment, both internal and external. In addition, we offer innovative home automation solutions that allow automatic management of lights, temperature, gates and windows, combining the efficiency of the best anti-intrusion technologies with the comfort of home automation.

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Fire & Safety

Protection from the risk of fire and explosions is a key element for the safety of any structure. Our Fire & Safety systems use the most advanced technologies to detect and alert in case of fire. With Inim Cloud Fire, we offer a revolutionary solution that allows remote management of systems, archiving of events and tests, and planning and verification of maintenance. All our devices, from control panels to smoke detectors and alarm sirens, are tested according to current fire regulations to ensure the highest safety certifications required internationally.

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