Every Inim device is designed to take full advantage of state-of-the-art microcontroller technology, network architecture and communication infrastructures. The following pages allow you to take a glimpse at the technologies developed at Inim’s laboratories and catch sight of the future of fire detection, today.

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Analogue-addressable Systems

SmartLight, SmartLoop and Previdia control panels and Enea series devices

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Conventional detection Systems

SmartLine control panels and Iris series devices

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Special Detection

Smoke / Flame Detectors - Conduit Adapters - Intake Systems

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Gas Detection

INDUSTRIAL series and ELITE series

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Visual/Audible fire signalling devices

Sounders, bells, flashers and fire signs for analogue addressable control panels

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Loudspeakers for EVAC systems

EN54-24 certified loudspeakers for EVAC and sound diffusion systems

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Atex Equipment

ATEX equipment and accessories

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Accessories for Fire-extinction systems

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Fire Detection Accessories

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Inim Cloud Fire and Inim Fire App

IT infrastructure and App for remote control of PREVIDIA series fire detection control panels

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Inim system supervisory and programming softwares

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Inim is continuously active in the search for forward thinking solutions to the everyday challenges faced by installer companies. In pursuance of this quest, Inim’s R&D professionals are always looking to push the known boundaries of technology toward a totally new class of products with unmatched capabilities. Every Inim device is designed to take full advantage of state-of-the-art microcontroller technology, network architecture and communication infrastructures. The following pages allow you to take a glimpse at the technologies developed at Inim’s laboratories and catch sight of the future of fire detection, today.

  • Emergency54
    An Inim system equipped with Emergency54 technology provides the highest degree of reliability an installer can expect from any fire detection system. Thanks to the sophisticated multi-processor architecture, this device, even in the remote possibility of a CPU fault, allows the activation of alarm signalling in the event of fire. Emergency54 operates both at control panel level to ensure the activation of alarm signalling also in the presence of a main CPU fault and at the network level by allowing remote control panels to activate alarms also when the malfunctioning unit is part of a network. The functions of the Emergency54 also extend to communication procedures, in fact the remote communicator modules of Inim control panels are all based on autonomous microcontrollers capable of operating properly even when the main CPU fails. Emergency54 technology is used in the SmartLoop and Previdia Max series control panels.

  • HorNet
    A network based on “HorNet” or “HORNET+” technology represents the state-of-the-art of RS485 embedded systems. The architecture of such networks provides a “fault-tolerant” system, in other words, a system that is capable of configuring itself during fault conditions in such a way as to ensure the integrity of communications between the system control panels at all times. The “HorNet” and “HORNET+” architectures manage real-time information exchange between control panels and by so doing allow complex cause-effect matrices to be created. “HorNet” technology is used in SmartLoop series control panels, while “HORNET+” technology is used in the Previdia Max series control panels.

  • Janus
    Janus technology allows you to interface the Inim world with the world outside through an Ethernet connection and TCP/IP protocol. By adding the TCP-IP modules based on Janus technology (SmartLAN and IFMLAN) the system becomes accessible and controllable (with the appropriate security levels) through any PC or SmartPhone connected to the Internet. It will be possible to interact with all the control panels in the network, in fact, the SmartLAN and IFMLAN modules act as gateways capable of interconnecting each element of the Hornet or Hornet+ network to the outside world. In addition to the extended global reach of the system, SmartLAN and IFMLAN also allow you to send e-mails and UDP and TCP/IP protocol packets as well as allowing you to program all the control panels connected in the network from remote locations.

  • OpenLoop
    OpenLoop technology is the result of intense work carried out by the R&D staff at Inim. In fact, this technology can manage different brands of field devices without need of any intervention on the control panel hardware. This kind of approach is the most innovative available in the fire detection market. The loop is, in fact, “open” and ready to manage devices of different brands without requiring any changes or add-ons to the standard control panel. With OpenLoop technology it is possible for different-brand devices to coexist on the same control panel as long as they are connected to different loops. This technology is present in the SmartLight, SmartLoop and Previdia Max analogue series control panels. The performance of OpenLoop technology is enhanced when used in conjunction with the Versa++ and LoopMap technologies built into in Inim’s Enea analogue detector series.

  • Versa++
    Inim has launched a whole new concept into the world of conventional detection: flexibility. In fact, as a result of the revolutionary Versa++ technology incorporated in the Iris and Enea detector ranges, you can now configure individual detectors to suit their specific environments. You can also connect to the detector line for a complete diagnosis of each individual detector and thus test its operating capacity, verify real-time values, view the contamination level in the optical smoke chamber and change the sensitivity and operating mode. Each detector has a non-volatile memory which allows you to view the smoke and temperature levels measured in the period prior to the last alarm detected. Versa++ gives you the true feel of the future of fire detection.

  • LoopMap
    LoopMap technology is so new that it seems to have come out of the latest video-game. It is the apex of loop technology. Once the loop is connected to the control panel or loop pilot, you simply start the enrolling process via your computer to obtain the loop layout containing all details and any secondary branches, in the order in which the wiring was completed. LoopMap is capable of recognizing the wiring order of the loop devices even when the loop has branches. LoopMap technology allows you to reconstruct the exact installation topology and obtain an easy-to-use, interactive loop-layout map which greatly simplifies and speeds up searches relating to faults and maintenance work.