The INIM development team, aware of the fact that the role played by PC software is increasingly important in today's Security, Fire and Domotics systems, the aim is to provide software that simplifies the programming and diagnostics.

Programming benefits greatly from the interactivity and expository clarity that can be offered with PC software.

The INIM development team has set itself the goal of providing software that simplifies the programming and diagnostic phases. To achieve this goal a "visual" approach to programming and diagnostics has been developed. In fact, while making the "classic" programming grids available, the installer can alternatively program the system by clicking on the elements of the system itself to obtain contextual menus or suggestions.




Previdia/STUDIO - Software

SmartLeague - Software

SmartLetUSee/IP - Software

SmartLook - Software

IP2RX - Software

FiReGeniusPRO - Software