Configuration and diagnostic software for F-COM universal communicator  

The F-COM Studio software provides a quick and easy way to configure universal communicators for F-COM series fire detection and alarm systems, it provides a section in which the user can configure voice messages using either audio files or the text to speech converter, a database for customer management and a diagnostic section where it is possible to check the status of the communicator in detail.



•             Data Base for storage of the data of each individual installation

•             Communication via USB port with the F-COM communicator

•             Management of Contacts directory (Voice, Digital, SMS texts)

•             Configuration of connection terminals with the control panel, real-time diagnostics

•             Flexible, simple and intuitive Events/Actions configuration

•             Configuration of voice messages using audio files or the Text to Speech Converter

•             Configuration of customized SMS texts

•             Viewing of the events log saved in the communicator

•             Diagnostic section for real-time viewing of the communicator status and details of any faults

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