Continuous innovation is a value that Inim cultivates and protects, listening to the inputs of professionals and safeguarding all the passages of the product chain. From conception to realization, to marketing and installation, Inim is committed to give you the best.


At your disposal a wide range of products, all certified and Made in Italy, continuously updated, allows you to have available advanced tools, able to meet the requirements of all types of customers.


Inim is close to you thanks to a widespread presence on the territory, ensured by a dense network of selected official distributors. A dedicated App and a next-generation Cloud system provide you with a space that is always open, in which you can make technical and commercial requests, or in which you can explore specific or dynamic needs related to your relationship with Inim.


Inim satisfies every need of support or training for your installer activity thanks to a direct line and periodic courses, which take place both at distributors and in collaboration with the engineers' order and with the panel of experts.


Thanks to Iniminnova, the Inim newsletter, you will be continuously updated on interesting initiatives and events dedicated to the world of Inim technology.

Installer profile advantages

Receive the periodic newsletter from INIM

An Installer area of website www.inim.biz
Access the specific area of the Inim website 

Installer documentation on website www.inim.biz  
Download manuals, connection diagrams in .pdf, software, technical sheets and firmware

Technical documentation on website inim.biz 
Download manuals, connection diagram .dwg, spreadsheets, installation typicals .dwg, specifications

Private documentation on website www.inim.biz
Manuals, catalogues, brochures access

Manage installed systems from the Cloud
Manage your INIM installations from the Cloud

DSN dynamic "Professional" profile
Up to 100 hosts can be activated for Inim Dynamic DSN service