Previdia Max is a modular system for the realization of fire detection and extinguishment systems.

Previdia Max control panels can comprise a single cabinet or several cabinets (max. 4) assembled together. The control panels can be used individually or interconnected in a network, the network connection can be achieved through an RS485 BUS, via a TCP-IP connection or by means of a combination of both.

In the control panel two types of modules can be inserted:

  • The modules from the FPM series are housed on the cabinet frontplate, maximum of 2 per cabinet.
  • IFM series modules connect to the CAN drive bar on the inside of the cabinets (max. 8 IFM modules per cabinet) depending on the required functions.

Again a vast selection of accessory items and devices allows easy expansion of the control panel (Add-on cabinets) or assembly of installations in accordance with wiring needs.


Previdia216 Modular Control panel

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FPM front modules

Modules for Previdia Max and Previdia-Ultra control panels

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IFM function modules

Modules for Previdia Max control panels

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Previdia Accessories

Accessories for Previdia control panels

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