Manual aligning optical linear smoke detector

The optical linear smoke detector EDB01 covers a distance from 10 m to 100 m (up to 50m with a single reflector, up to 100m with 4 reflectors, supplied in the package). Thanks to its alarm and fault relays it can be connected to any control panel or directly the Inim loop via an EU311 module. In the case of connection to the loop it is possible to take power from the loop itself ,up to a maximum of 5 detectors per loop (to be verified with loop sizing software).

Alignment is facilitated by the laser included in the device which allows adjustment of the deflection mechanism and verification of the exact point where the beam is pointing. Using the internal DIP SWITCH it is possible to set the sensitivity of the detector and select between the self-resetting or alarm latching mode.

Thanks to the Bluetooth interface included in the device, with the Inim Fire app, it is possible to remotely control the detector in real time.