GSM/GPRS module integrated into Inim I-BUS

The Nexus and Nexus/G are devices for GSM connectivity over 2G networks.

Nexus equipped control panels send pre-set or customizable SMS texts automatically for each event and can also receive commands sent via SMS text. In this way it is possible to activate or deactivate scenarios and outputs, request the status of the device and much more.

Nexus/G and Nexus/3G go even further. In addition to all the above functions, they allow you to manage control panels via GSM/GPRS/3G networks. The device connects to the IP address programmed in the control panel during installation, or to another IP address that the installer can decide on as required and set by simply sending an SMS text message. Shortly after receiving the SMS, the PC connects to the remote control panel using the specified IP address.

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