Kit for manual addressing, configuration, maintenance and diagnosis of systems based on ENEA series devices

The EITK2000 is a kit composed of the EDRV2000 driver, the FireGenius-PRO software and a series of accessories for connection and power supply.
The EDRV2000 driver, thanks to its ergonomic shape, provides an easy way of performing the manual addressing operations related to addressable analogue devices from the Enea series when you do not want to use the automatic addressing function provided by Inim control panels.
The driver is also equipped with an "ICP" communication port which makes it possible to connect to fire alarm signallers from the Iris and Enea series and configure their operating parameters (select tones/alarm messages, volume, flasher brightness, etc.). By means of the driver and the FireGenius-PRO software, it is also possible to create custom tones/messages for signalling devices either by extracting tones from the vast library available and composing tones of your liking or starting from audio files.
The kit also allows you to take full advantage of the unique features offered by LoopMap and Versa ++ technologies integrated into the addressable analogue detectors of the ENEA series.

The EIKT2000 kit also takes advantage the Versa++ technology, thanks to which it is possible to manage IRIS series conventional fire detectors and configure each one in accordance with the specific conditions of the environment in which it is to be installed. With EITK2000 it is possible to connect to a line of detectors and, for each of them, carry out a complete diagnosis to test its functionality, verify the value read in real time, read the contamination value of the optical chamber, change its sensitivity and operating mode.
The kit also allows you to read the non-volatile memory, present in every detector (both Iris and Enea series), which contains a graph with the smoke and temperature concentrations measured in the period before the last alarm detected (a function aimed at assisting investigation into the causes that triggered the alarm).
The device also allows the implementation of accurate diagnoses that identify where the cable is interrupted or shorted and the carrying out of tests on the loop (walk tests) which monitor the number of communication errors, record the date and time of activation of each detector and, on completion of the operations, provide a printable professional report.
The EDRV2000 driver contained in the EITK2000 kit is capable of operating autonomously by way of its internal batteries, keypad and display. However, when the driver is connected to a PC it will be powered and will charge its batteries through the USB port.
The EITK2000 kit constitutes professional apparatus that the toolbox of every competent fire professional cannot be without.
The kit comes in a handy case complete with 24Vdc power supply, cable and software CD.

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