2 Inputs + 2 relay output 230 Vac rated module

The EM322AC module connects directly to the loop and is equipped with two supervised inputs (capable of controlling the status of

external devices) and two relay output 230 Vac rated.

For each output relay a supervision function can be activated to verify if, in stand by status, a voltage between 7 and 230 V is present across the open contacts.

Module can be installed on a DIN Guide Bar or in a suitable electrical junction box:

  • 2 supervised inputs
  • 2 relay outputs 230 Vac rated with supervision optional function
  • Built-in short-circuit isolator
  • Status leds for inputs, outputs and loop communication
  • Automatic addressing (each device is identified by a factory-assigned serial number)
  • Suitable for assembly on DIN GUIDE BAR

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