On BUS module with 2 relays 230V, 5A and 2 terminals. Native management of roller shutters, Venetian blinds and light points.

Flex2R/2T is an extremely flexible home-automation expansion module.

It connects to the control panel BUS in the same way as any typical peripheral and can serve as a 2 output relay module, 5A (with interlock function) and 2 freely programmable input/output terminals.

Its distinguishing feature is that besides being able to manage autonomously the 4 terminals previously mentioned, it is possible to program the device in a further 11 modes, which include: native management of Roller Shutters, Venetian Blinds and Light Points. The device is capable of operating in accordance with its programmed settings even during BUS communication loss.

Flex2R/2T is also equipped with status indicator LEDs for the Relay outputs.

Main features

FlexIO terminals programmable either as inputs, also for management of shock sensors and roller shutters management, or outputs


Maximum absorption of FlexIO output terminals


Normally-open dry contact relay output terminals


Relay terminal features

Max. 10A @ 230V AC

Max. 5A @ 30V DC

I-BUS interface


Autonomous control of motorized roller shutters

Yes, 1 roller shutter with 1 or 2 buttons

Autonomous control of light points

Yes, 1 or 2 with switch or button

Perforated flanges for assembly

Yes, 2 detachable

Dimensions with flanges (W x H x D)

69 x 41 x 25 mm

Dimensions without flanges (W x H x D)

49 x 41 x 25 mm



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