Hold open fire-door electromagnets and emergency exits are available in different models for application in buildings where automatic control of access points is required in the event of a fire emergency.

Equipped with a traction force of up to 140 kg, the hold open electromagnets ensure the normal opening of the fire doors and their immediate release upon detection of fire in order to isolate areas of danger and prevent the spread of flames and smoke in the building.

Main features of hold open electromagnets

  • Power supply voltage 24 Vdc
  • Pulling force up to 140 Kg
  • With or without integrated release button
  • With or without steel mounting base

S1 series

S2 series

S3 series

S5 series

EXM series

S01 Series Counterplates

S02, SH2, S05 Series Counterplates

S03130 Extension

S03150 Telescopic pole

S03000 Bracket

30050_061 Extension conduit rod