Main control module for EVAC functions

Main control panel for voice EVAC functions for the integration with the fire-detection control panels from Previdia Ultravox series. To be connected to the CANDRIVE+ bar inside the metal cabinets and equipped with a graphic colour touchscreen. The module allows you to manage and co-ordinate the various function modules assigned to it. A single Previdia Ultravox control panel can house only one of these units. Mounts to the front plate and, if housed in the upper opening, connects to the CANDRIVE+ bar. If housed in the lower opening, it connects to the FPM module in the upper opening.

Main features

  • Ethernet connection for remote control
  • Mini USB Port for configuration via PC
  • 7’’ touch screen, 65000 colours
  • Housing for μSD card
  • Customization of user interface, icons, buttons etc.
  • Connection with push-to-talk microphone and emergency telephone (optional) on the front panel
  • Monitor speaker for listening to audio sources
  • Status LEDs and function keys for evacuation management

Technical specifications of the FPAMIAS module

Power-supply voltage


Consumption @ 27,6V

stand-by 110mA

Consumption during "Mains failure" conditions

stand-by 60mA

Operating temperature

-5°C ... +40°C


85 x 288 x 82mm



Package dimensions

32,5 x 62 x 25 cm

For the certification documents, refer to the relative control panel page in which the module is installed.