Inim Fire App

The App to manage fire-fighting systems from smartphones

Inim Fire is the App for professionals and end users, such as system or building security managers, it allows control of the Previdia range of fire alarm control panels connected to the Inim Cloud Fire portal.

The App offers functions designed to meet the needs of every type of user and is essential for secure, fast and professional management of systems. The intuitive interface and real-time warnings via push notifications provide an immediate and detailed view of the system status.

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For professionals and end users

Inim Fire is aimed at both professionals (maintenance technicians, installers) and end users (installation managers, security supervisors, etc.). It offers essential functions for secure, fast and professional management of installations tailored to suit both categories.

Push notifications

The Inim Fire App is capable of sending real-time “push” notifications to warn both users and maintenance technicians of any events recorded by a fire detection system.

Remote control of installations

Thanks to its simple, intuitive interface, the Inim Fire App provides an instantly understandable overview of what is happening on all the installations you have access to. By simply tapping the screen allows you to view the complete details of each report. The App allows you to navigate amongst the various installations associated with your account and access the details of each individual control panel to the point of being able to supervise and manage every single zone, detector or device in minimum detail. The functions for remote control of alarm and fault communicators, timers, output groups etc., make the Inim Fire App a valuable tool for the remote management of all situations in total security.

Graphic maps

The Inim Fire App, in addition to its intuitive and captivating graphics, offers a graphical visualization based on navigable multiple-level topographic maps that show interactive, customizable icons that provide instant  awareness of the status of each zone, detector or element of the system. The possibility to select an icon and issue commands to the associated element as well as the possibility to set up function keys for fast actions are definable during the installation phase, thus making the Inim Fire App a revolutionary tool for worry-free management of fire systems.

Video verification

The Inim Fire App is capable of showing on your smartphone images captured by any IP camera installed on the site, thus offering a visual aid that allows you to verify instantly, effectively and in real time the extent and effective risk of the reported danger. Thanks to ONVIF protocol management capabilities the control panels can communicate with any type of IP camera and, if necessary, control pan, tilt and zoom movements based on the location of the danger and then send the relevant image to your smartphone.

Events Log and Installations Registry

The Inim Fire App allows you to view both the events log, which contains all the events recorded in detail by the control panel, and the ‘installations registry’ in which converge all the most significant automatically-recorded events (alarms, faults, bypass operations, etc.) and any events entered manually by users and maintenance technicians (maintenance operations, tests, fire drills, personnel training sessions, faults, etc.). Each element in the ‘Installations registry’ can be commented on by a series of notes and closed with a virtual signature that permanently archives the event. The “Installation registry,” which can be printed out on paper and countersigned by downloading it from the Inim Cloud Fire web page, faithfully coincides with the requirements of current legislation, allowing both the professional and the end user to promptly comply with the current obligations determined by law without any particular effort.

Walk test

Thanks to a revolutionary guided and assisted “walk test” function, once the zones to be tested have been selected, the Inim Fire App will show a list of the devices associated to each selected zone with the possibility for each of them of lighting up LEDs for the localization, testing of detectors, inputs and outputs and will automatically tick the tested devices. An ingenious function that allows the professional to carry out periodic test operations quickly and without risk of forgetting even a single element.

Maintenance Report Management

At the end of each periodic test or ordinary/extraordinary maintenance session, the professional will be able to compile and archive the relative report on the Cloud as required by current legislation. This can be done by simply downloading and filling in the forms required by law available on the App, or any other file compiled from a PC or photo of the paper document. The document thus archived will be completed by the Cloud by adding the automatic registration of all tested devices and then entered in the Installations registry in compliance with the legal obligations in force.

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