Loop simulator for fire detection systems

The ILPS100 is a device that plugs into the loop terminals of Inim control panels and enables up to 240 devices to be simulated. Without physically connecting the devices, this solution offers rapid and simple testing of loop functionality, configuration verification, and cause/effect activation logic. The electrical isolation of the USB connector used by the ILPS100 to connect to a computer prevents interference with the control panel and earth problems.

Thanks to "ILP Simulator" software it is possible to:

  • Transfer to ILPS100 configuration from a specific Loop exported from PREVIDIA Studio software (just export a solution to a file and open the file with the ILP Simulator software)
  • View loop activity, software will show in real time how the control panel poll simulated devices
  • Check the activation status of simulated devices (software will show the status of outputs, LEDs and sirens in real time)
  • Simulate a specific state on each devices (through software it is possible, for each device, to activate the state of alarm, fault, warning, etc. or modify the analog value)

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