WS2000 - Wall mounting alarm signalling devices

The WS2000 series wall-mounting wireless alarm indicators, in the different versions, provide a siren with 32 selectable tones, a white light flasher (VAD certified according to EN54-23), available in a red or white plastic enclosure.


  • 32 different tones settable by DISP SWITCH
  • Can be activated with two different tones (pre-alarm and alarm)
  • Sound power adjustable by DIP SWITCH (4 levels)
  • Adjustable flash power
  • Two-way radio communication
  • Radio communication based on two redundant channels
  • Extended radio communication range (up to 200m)
  • Battery life 5 years (estimated duration, may vary according to activation frequency)
  • Uses low cost standard lithium batteries
  • EN54-25, EN54-23 and EN54-3 certified

Technical specifications

  • Operating Frequency: 868 – 870 MHz
  • Maximum radiated power: 14dBm (25mW)
  • Acustic power: 100dB (+/- 3 dB according to selected tome)
  • Optical coverage (EN54-23): W-2.5-7 
  • Dimensions: Diameter 192 h:130mm
  • Weight (without batteries): 380 g
  • Batteries: 2x CR123A 
  • Operating temperature:  -10°C to +55°C
  • MAX Humidity: (non condensing) 90% RH
  • IP RATING: Approved IP33C- Designed according to IP65

WS2010RE: Wireless wall-mount audible signalling device, in red.

WS2020RE: Wireless wall-mount visual/audible signalling device, in red.

WS2010WE: Wireless wall-mount visual/audible signalling device, in white.

WS2020WE: Wireless wall-mount visual/audible signalling device, in white.

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