Aspirating smoke detector

FA100 is the advanced loop-connectable aspirating smoke-detection system, equipped with two independent channels and dual light technology. Each sampling channel can be configured independently as Class A, B or C and can reach a distance of 100m, support up to 8 sampling holes in Class A, 18 in class B, 51 in Class C.

Dual light technology with its two distinct light sources, infrared and blue, allows accurate particle analysis and guarantees high rejection of false alarms due to dust or mists.

The FA100 detector can be combined with Inim addressable fire-detection control panels via loop connection, in this way all signals and controls are transmitted to the control panel. It can also be combined with conventional control panels via the relay outputs and I/O terminals.

Aspiration pipes

Number of pipes

2 aspiration pipes

1 exhaust pipe

Maximum number of sampling holes for each pipe

Class A

8 sampling holes

Class B

18 sampling holes

Class C

51 sampling holes

 Maximum overall length of the pipes

160 m

 Maximum distance of a sampling hole from the detector

100 m

Exhaust pipe length


0,5 m


10 m

Primary/Ancillary power-supply


24 V


from 20 to 30 V

  from external power-supply

Maximum current draw

 400mA @ 24 V

Aspiration fan speed

 1500 - 4750 RPM

Maximum current of the outputs

I/O terminals

15 mA @ 30 V


2 A @ 30 V, 30 V

Battery for time/date



Graphic LCD, 192 x 64 pixel, backlit

Box material


Protection grade



190 x 395 x 117 mm


1,95 kg

Operating environmental conditions


from -10°C to +55°C

Relative humidity

 ≤ 93%, without condensation

FA100 - Aspirating smoke detection systems

FAD100 - Detection module for dual-channel expansion

FA100-WIFI - Wi-Fi interface module

FA100-FILTER - Replacement mesh filter for FA100 detectors

FA/STUDIO - Sizing and configuration software for FA100