Sizing and configuration software for FA100

The FA/STUDIO software allows both the design and sizing of the network of aspirating pipes of the FA100 system as well as the configuration and putting in service of the installed devices. 

The design section, based on a 3D CAD system, allows the importation of Autocad files on which it is possible to draw the aspirating pipe network. The software assists the designer by indicating the areas of coverage of each hole and of any limits and constraints. 

Once the sampling network has been designed, the software performs the fluid dynamics calculations specifying the diameter of each hole, the parameters to be set on the device and indicating the sensitivity and transport time of each sampling point. 

A practical customizable list of materials is generated in order to allow the forwarding of the order. 

The FA/STUDIO software includes the configuration functions of the FA100 devices which allow adjustment and customization of all the system parameters. 

A series of essential diagnostic functions allows the verification of the system parameters in real time and access to the detector memory containing all the values (Smoke, flow, temperature, etc.) sampled every few seconds over the last 3 months of operation, all the events (alarms, faults, etc.) detected are highlighted on these diagrams.