Industrial series Accessories

Accessories Industrial series Gas Detectors

INA55-701 - Gas detector to Android SmartPhone interface

Interfaces the gas detector to a Smartphone with Android operative system, allows you to read and change the detector parameters and simulate pre-alarm, alarm and fault status. Complete with CD containing the required APP.

INB55 - 1 litre tester canister for gas detectors

Functionality tester for gas detectors, to be used by qualified persons only, sufficient for approximately 8 tests.

INA55-104 - Valve for test cylinders

INA55-108 - Cup for test aerosol delivery

INA55-110 - Valve with Flowmeter

Disposable canisters



Propane 20% L.I.E.


Propane 40% L.I.E.


Methane 20% L.I.E.


Methane 40% L.I.E.


Hydrogen 20% L.I.E.


Hydrogen 40% L.I.E.


Acetylene 20% L.I.E.


Acetylene 40% L.I.E.


Carbon monoxide, 100 p.p.m.


Carbon monoxide, 200 p.p.m.


Oxygen 27% Volume


Isobutane 20% L.I.E.


Isobutane 40% L.I.E.

The detectors from the INDUSTRIAL series are manufactured using the most modern reflow and SMT construction techniques. They use the latest generation of microprocessor technology to deliver fast response and ensure accuracy and reliability.

The sensitive element is connected to an interchangeable device component which allows installers to replace the sensor cap (the part susceptible to wear and tear) without needing to recalibrate the device.

The complete product line includes a wide array gas leak detectors, all available in explosionproof or dustproof enclosures to satisfy even the most exacting requirements.

During the installation phase or maintenance sessions, you can interface INDUSTRIAL series detectors with a PC (via an INA55-700 interface) or Android Smartphone (via an INA55-701 interface) in order to configure the parameters, change the intervention thresholds, check the gas-level readings and/or simulate alarm, pre-alarm and fault conditions.

  • Selectable delays from 0 to 240 seconds for each individual threshold.
  • Reading compensation system in accordance with ambient temperature.
  • Replacement of sensor cap directly on-site without need of titrated gas canisters.
  • Connection to PC (via INA55-700 interface) or Android SmartPhone (via INA55-700 interface) for threshold, filter and delay settings, real-time Value Readings and simulation of alarm, pre-alarm and fault conditions.

Orders for Detectors must specify not only the type of enclosure, but also the type of gas, the technology of the sensitive element and the type of output interface. Following is a schematic representation of the order codes.

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