Inim Home

The security app for managing alarm systems and home automation

Inim Home is the application that allows you to manage every aspect of the alarm system and all home automation functionalities directly from your smartphone in a simple and effective way.

With a fluid and intuitive user interface, Inim Home offers the possibility to:

  • monitor the alarm system in real time, receiving push notifications and events, and having all the information related to areas, zones, security scenarios, alarms, faults, and peripherals at your disposal;
  • manage the comfort of each environment, programming thermostats and temperature probes according to preferences and the current season;
  • customize home automation functions, creating and managing rooms, output groups, and home automation scenarios. It is also possible to add your favorite elements to the home to always have them under control. The “Active now” function allows you to immediately see which elements are active or on.

In version 2.1, Inim Home presents itself with a renewed design and an optimized user experience, making the consultation of information and the execution of the most requested commands even simpler and more immediate.

Inim Home version 2.1 is available in stores from March 4, 2024.


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