Module with new features for the management of ONVIF and KNX video surveillance systems

Optional advanced IP connectivity module. It inserts directly into the main board of the Prime control panel and has a slot for a microSD-card. The PrimeLAN allows e-mail sending with a detailed message body for each individual event, complete with any "attachment" (contained in the microSD). The message can contain links to websites or IP devices such as an NVR or webcam. The presence of an integrated Web server, with “Alien” interface, allows control from a tablet, smartphone or PC via internet browser. The PrimeLAN manages interactive graphic maps that allow interaction with the system, by operating on complete floor plans and active icons for the management of all types of activation or command. JPEG and MJPEG streams from preset ONVIF webcams are also supported for video verification with the sending of e-mails complete with pre-event and post-event images. Management of orientable PTZ surveillance cameras is integrated. The PrimeLAN allows the integration of the Prime control panel with KNX systems.

PrimeLAN main features

Data encryption


Connection on 10-100 Base T Ethernet LAN


Management of static IP address and DMCP


Dynamic DNS management


Management of multiple simultaneous connections

up to 10

Digital communicator with SIA-IP protocol for control centers


Sending e-mails with attachments and SSL support




KNX protocol management


Modbus protocol management


Web server for PC, tablet and smartphone connections with the following functions:

  • Virtual keyboard with AlienMobile interface
  • Scenario management
  • Zone management
  • Area management
  • Interactive and customizable maps
  • ONVIF webcam:
    • Live webcam management
    • Sending email/archive webcam events
  • Timer display
  • View event log


Dimensions (WxHxD)

62.5 x 90 x 19 mm

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