Inim has you in mind and is offering you online services.

We are talking about an online computer system called INIM Cloud and the Marilyn More Integrated Voice System.

The Cloud is an IT infrastructure that offers potentially unlimited resources, born of the ever increasing need to manage data from anywhere: at home, at work or on holiday. The Cloud is already an integral part of everyone’s life. Purchases, bank transfers, reservations, almost every on line transaction now uses Cloud functions. It is a consolidated reality and the advantages are numerous.

Marilyn More: the home-automation and anti-intrusion system based on Prime and Sol control panels integrated with the most widely used smart speakers (Google Home and Amazon Echo) and smartphones.

With Marilyn More managing your system will be easier. A voice command is enough to set a room temperature, activate the garden sprinkler, change the brightness of a light or activate the security system.

Remote control your company premises, business or beach house. All, simply by voice command.

Inim Cloud

Marilyn More integrated voice system