Thermal probe for SmartLiving control panels

Thermal probe for regulating the charging voltage of the battery according to the temperature.

The Thermal Probe protects the batteries against overheating and consequent permanent damage by measuring the battery temperature and regulating the power supply output voltage accordingly.

SmartLevel series power stations are ideal for supplying power to all the devices located in the area protected by the detection system. They are completely supervised and fully approved to meet EN54 requirements. They have a new switching module with resonant technology and an internal CPU for reliable, efficient and secure power management.

Available in 2 versions:

SPS24060G and SPS24160G (respectively 1.5A and 4A) with LCD command screen for viewing the events log or fault details (low battery, mains failure, dispersion to earth, etc.) and the current draw of each output; provides 3 individually protected outputs with 4A current limit, connectible to the RS485 BUS of the fire detection panel.

SPS24060S and SPS24160S (respectively 1.5A and 4A) with status LEDs, fault output, mains fault output, single power output. Can be used as a stand-alone device or connected directly to the loop of an addressable control panel (Inim protocol). Thanks to its loop interface, it is recognized by the control panel as being a power station and therefore becomes completely and automatically supervised thus reporting all signals to the control panel.

The SPS24060x versions are capable of supplying up to 1.5A @ 27.6V and provide housing for two 12V –7Ah batteries; the SPS24160x versions are capable of supplying up to 4A @ 27.V and provide housing for two 12V –17Ah batteries.

The power stations have an independent battery-charging circuit capable of charging the batteries without affecting the output current to the load, and a thermal probe that adapts the battery charge in accordance with their operating temperature. The battery efficiency is assessed by accurately measuring the internal resistance (with 0.1 ohm resolution) of the batteries in such a way as to signal any decrease in efficiency that might jeopardize the system functionality in the event of mains failure.

The CPU contained in the innovative Switching module is the core of the apparatus and is capable of supervising all of its parameters (internal temperature, current supplied, output voltage, battery parameters, dispersion to earth) and guarantees a product of the highest quality.

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