InVista represents an innovative system that integrates the power of video verification with the effectiveness of our anti-intrusion solutions for unprecedented protection. IP cameras and NVRs offer intelligent detection based on the most advanced video analysis regulations. Inim Cloud is the fulcrum of the system and ensures data security: the images are stored on a local NVR and the backup of video events is saved only with the consent of the user and exclusively on our European servers.


The system is part of the exclusive “Inim Advantages” program, designed to give value to and protect the expertise of specialized installers by guaranteeing them the exclusivity of the product on the market.


Images and videos are stored locally on NVR and the backup of video-events is saved only with the user’s consent and exclusively on servers that guarantee compliance with European regulations on the processing of personal data.


It is possible to manage the entire system solely via the App. InimTech Security allows quick activation via QR code, while Inim Home offers complete control of video surveillance, security and homeautomation features.

LITE series IP security cameras

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PRO series IP security cameras

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NVRs - Network Video Recorder

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