Voice board for SmartLiving and Prime intrusion control panels

Voice board for SmartLiving and Prime stations with non-volatile memory capable of handling 30 minutes of recordable voice messages (500 prerecorded messages).

This card also provides an automatic responder that can be customized by user.

The recording of messages can be done from the keypad or with the PC software using the microphone, a .wav file or text-to-speech. The SmartLogos30M card makes available the local and telephone alarm functions, the answering function, the intercom between the keypads, the voice box and the transponder.

To really appreciate the vast array of exceptional voice functions offered by the SmartLogos30M board, you have to see it in operation with a Inim system.

Although small, this board packs a concentrate of superior technology and unique features that are hard to find in today’s intrusion control systems.

Even the numbers relating to the main features of this tool give some idea of its capabilities. In fact, the SmartLogos30M board provides 30 minutes of voice transmission which can be allocated to as many as 500 voice messages. And, all you need to do is type-in the contact telephone numbers and the SmartLogos30M-equipped panel will be capable of sending 400 factory-recorded messages. After that, simply change the “names” of the system elements and you will have a customized system. Customization can be done at the keypad, using the voice programming function or via a computer. In the latter case, the solutions are truly state-of-the-art. You can either record a message through the computer microphone, or extract a .wav file from an archive and send it to the control panel.

SmartLogos30M also offers a text-to-speech function which allows you to record messages by simply typing-in the respective text and generating the voice message through the computer. Other interesting functions are the Voice menu over-the-phone and Voice menu on-keypad that guide the user through all operations with ease. The voice prompts are already on board and require no programming, you just need to set up the menu (separately for each user). This method eliminates all the difficulties connected with normal voice recording. In fact, the system generates the voice menu automatically, using the selected pre-recorded messages. In this way, the menu is extremely effective and allows users to interface with the system with ease, whether they are at a keypad or connected to the control by means of a cell phone.

Access to the voice menu from remote locations during calls to and from the control panel (respectively during query/command calls and event report calls). The combination of the SmartLogos30M potential and VoIB technology allows the Inim system to provide an intercom function which allows users to contact and talk to each other from different parts of the building (warehouse to office, garage to house, etc.).

The SmartLogo30M also provides a memo box where the user can leave messages. Thanks to the SmartLogos30M, the Inim system is capable of warning the system users of events as they occur. This is useful when it is necessary to inform the user of faults, or to warn the user to leave the protected area after an arming operation, or to warn them to disarm the system after violation of a delayed input zone (during Entry Time).

SmartLogos30M is far more than a simple “voice board”.

It is a concentrate of technology and easy-to-use advanced functions. SmartLogos30M, as many other elements of the Inim system allows installers to stand out from the rest and to lead the way.

Main features

Up to 30 minutes of voice-message time

Recordable voice messages (of which pre-recorded)

500 (400)

Automatic-Answephone function (customizable)

Voice-memo slot (one message for Joy/MAX keypad)

Local voice-prompt menu (customizable)

Voice-prompt menu over-the-phone (customizable)

Voice notifier on local keypad (Joy/MAX)

Automatic Voice-dialer

Message recording at Joy/MAX keypads

Message recording from PC (using microphone or .wav)

Message recording from PC (using text-to-speech function)

Dimensions (HxWxD)

20x20x15 mm


10 g