Transceiver 868MHz, connects to I-Bus

Wireless transceiver with I-BUS interface for connection to control panels from the SmartLiving series.

The Air2-BS200/50 is capable of managing 50 field devices (detectors and magnetic contacts) and 100 KF100 wireless keyfobs.

The Air2-BS200/10 is capable of managing 10 field devices and 30 wireless keyfobs.

The Air2-BS200 is also capable of managing up to 4 Aria/W keypads and 4 Hedera sounderflashers.

The Air2-BS200/30 is capable of managing 30 field devices and 50 wireless keyfobs.

Each field device can be mapped on one of the terminals available on the control panel in the same way as each keyfob can be mapped on one of the SmartLiving tags.

Technical features of the AIR2-BS200 Transreceiver

Wireless transmission


Control panel connection

4 wires via the I-BUS

Manageable wireless field devices (magnetic contacts or detectors)

50 (Air2-BS200/50), 30 (Air2-BS200/30), 10 (Air2-BS200/10)

Manages wireless signals (inputs and outputs)

50 - simulates up to 10 Flex5 expansion boards(Air2-BS200/50)

10 - simulates up to 2 Flex5 expansion boards (Air2-BS200/10)

Wireless keys supported (KF100)

100 (Air2-BS200/50), 50 (Air2-BS200/30), 30 (Air2-BS200/10)

Manageable Keypads (Aria/W) and Sounderflashers (Hedera)


Device mapping to control panel

On terminals

Wireless key mapping to control panel

On tag and card


Dislodgement and open cover


Wireless-programmable Supervision Time

Dimensions (HxWxD)




Air2-BS200/50: transceiver 868MHz, connects to I-Bus, manages up to 50 detectors, up to 100 wireless keyfobs.

Air2-BS200/10: transceiver 868MHz, connects to I-Bus, manages up to 10 detectors, up to 30 wireless keyfobs.

INWTIN1CA2BS20130: Wireless transceiver 915MHz 

INWTINAEA2BS200Q30: Wireless transceiver 868MHZ I-BUS AIR2-BS200/Q30 GER/ENG

INWTINE0A2BS20030: Wireless transceiver 868MHZ I-BUS AIR2-BS200/30 ENG

INWTINSPA2BS20030: Wireless transceiver 868MHZ I-BUS AIR2-BS200/30 ESP/POR

INWTNO1PA2BS20030: Wireless transceiver 868MHZ I-BUS AIR2-BS200/30 NORBAIN

Air2-ANT100N/8: external high-performance antenna 868Mhz (cable mt. 1,5).

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