Two-way wireless smoke detector for Inim systems

The Air2-FD100 smoke detector allows you to add advanced smoke-detection capabilities to the SmartLiving control panel. This device greatly enhances the capacity of any home security system.

Air2-FD100 provides unique features. In fact, it can verify the level of contamination (dust) inside the optical chamber and signal the need for cleaning. The analogue values regarding the level of contamination in the optical chamber are shown on the keypad.

The state-of-the-art detection technology used in the Air2-FD100 is typical of the technologydriven environment of INIM’s entire range of fire detection devices. This technology provides you with 4 programmable levels of smoke-detection sensitivity (0.08dB/m to 0.15dB/m). The Air2-FD100 is equipped with a tricolour LED (green, yellow and red) which signals the normal operating status of the device, low battery status, contamination in the optical chamber, alarm and fault conditions. This device provides an option which disables the visual signals on the LED.

You can configure all the device parameters via the wireless network without the need for direct intervention on the device itself.

AIR2-FD100 smoke-detector features

Communicates with the Air2-BS200

Two-way transceiver

Protected against dislodgementa

From its base

4 programmable levels of sensitivity

0,10dB/m (pre-set mode); 0,10dB/m; 0,10dB/m; 0,10 dB/m

Tricolour signalling LED

Normal operating status, fault, contamination in the optical chamber, low battery, alarm


To disable LED signalling



Battery life

3 year

Dimensions (HxDxW)

60x114mm (with base)


160g (with base and without battery), 182g (with base and battery)

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