The Inim detectors series for outdoor installation includes perimeter and volumetric motion detectors designed to combine cutting-edge anti-intrusion technology and resistance to weathering. Available in wired and wireless versions, they allow you to construct both simple and complex perimeter alarm systems thanks to the quick installation and the high reliability of the sensors. The BXS range includes curtain motion detectors with dual lateral detection, while the QXI volumetric detectors for outdoor installation include IR and microwave motion detectors.

BXS: outdoor perimeter detectors

The perimeter detectors of the BXS series are ideal for the protection of gates and external access points such as doors and windows. Equipped with 4 PIR sensors, both in the wired and wireless versions, these devices offer independent adjustment of sensitivity, alarm outputs and left and right detection range, from 2.5m to 12m in 5 positions. The modern linear design meets the advanced functions of Super MultiDimensional Analysis, for the exclusion of elements of ambient interference, and IR digital anti-masking, for protection against attempts to cover, block or spray paint the lens.

QXI: outdoor volumetric detectors

The QXI series offers an array of outdoor alarm detectors equipped with dual IR and microwave technology capable of covering a detection area of 12m and a range of 120° Selectable multilevel volumetric detection patterns allow these devices to be installed at different mounting heights. Both in the wired and wireless connection versions, these devices feature the Super MultiDimensional Analysis function which allows the recognition and suppression of a plurality of ambient interferences that can give rise to false alarms.