Lifetime protection.

Inim Electronics provides you with security.

The home is a wonderful place to be. The place of your affection, your projects and your dreams. With Inim security and remote control systems you can sleep peacefully with your family, free from the worry of intrusion, theft and fire. You can activate all your home-automation appliances, watch over your loved ones and protect your special spaces. From wherever you are.

Made in Italy enters your home.

International expertise applied to the private sector.

Inim takes pride in being an entirely Italian enterprise. From design to testing all the way through to production, every Inim device is made rigorously in Italy. A reliable and environment-friendly product certified in accordance with the latest standards for the sector. Since 2005 Inim has protected and automated large prestigious structures worldwide. Now the excellence of Made in Italy is entering private homes.

Inim Electronics. Certified quality.

Product guaranteed by International certifications.

Choosing a professional and approved anti-intrusion system is of fundamental importance for the security and effectiveness of your installation. Inim offers you products guaranteed by National and European certifications, issued by the most authoritative international certification bodies. Rigorous in-house product testing using Inim’s own sophisticated testing equipment ensures we achieve compatibility with all certification criteria. Approval attained, in many cases, before the commencement of new regulatory technical standards.

Security is a serious matter.

Certificazioni internazionali a garanzia del prodotto.

Buying a non-standard product or product from unauthorized websites might seem a convenient shortcut, but at what price? The risk of finding yourself with a badly functioning system that, instead of protecting you, actually endangers your safety. For this reason it is important that you put your trust in an Inim-authorized professional installer, who will be able to offer you scrupulous guidance in your product choices.