Loop-powered wireless translation device. Processes signals from detectors, modules, callpoints and all wireless devices, then relays the information regarding the devices and its own status to the control panel.

The Libra wireless system offers an excellent solution for all those fire detection applications which would find a traditional hard-wired system installation to be either unfavourable or cost-inefficient, places such as: hotels, museums, churches or similar cultural sites.

The Libra is the ideal way of enhancing a traditional hard-wired analogue addressable fire detection system with wireless devices.

This is done by means of a translator which allows the control panel to manage both the translator and its devices as loop devices. The loop-powered system translator supports as many as 32 devices,

it communicates with the control panel using the same protocol as the hard-wired devices.

All the commands used by the VEGA range are valid for all VEGA wireless devices: optical smoke detectors, heat detectors, multicriteria detectors, input modules, callpoints, sounders.


  • On site programming
  • Two-way communication with the wire to wireless translator
  • Programmable sensitivity
  • High reliability and sensitivity
  • Flexible device installation on site SW supported
  • Convenience in mounting and service
  • Double battery (main and secondary) guarantees a correct supply for about 5 years. The battery status is monitored by the device

General technical characteristics

Operational frequency

868 Mhz

Radiated power

0.01 – 5mW

Modulation type


Frequency channel



-30°C +50°C

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