In box power supply module @ 1.5A

  • CPU based power supply
  • Input Voltage: 230Vac ± 15%, 50Hz
  • Mains absorption: 0.4A
  • Output Voltage: 27.6Vdc
  • Maximum Current: 1.5Adc
  • Stability: above 1%
  • Overload protection
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Independent built-in battery charger with battery charge adjustment in accordance with the battery temperature (ProbeTH thermal probe management).
  • Metal enclosure
  • Deep discharge protection (disconnects batteries)
  • Detection of dispersion-to-earth fault
  • Internal temperature management of switching module
  • Housing for two 7Ah, 12V batteries
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 325x325x80mm
  • Weight (without batteries): 3Kg

INIM offers two switching power supply/battery charger units: the 1.5A model and the 4A model.

“In box” versions of both models are available. The “in box” version consists of a switching power supply module inside a metal enclosure that also provides housing for two 12V batteries. This solution is ideal for applications where supervision of all the power supply components is not essential.

All models provide a thermal probe input. This device protects the batteries against overheating and successive damage by measuring the battery temperature and regulating the battery-charge voltage accordingly.

The switching module is based on a CPU that manages its own parameters (temperature, current, voltage), the battery charging operation (by means of an independent circuit) and supervises the batteries (voltage, internal resistance, etc.) and other parameters of the system (output current and voltage, dispersion to earth, etc.).

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