Control panel with 1 or  2 loops expandable to 8, equipped with keypad, display and status LEDs. This model can be enhancedwith a SmartLoop/PRN thermal printer.



The SmartLoop series of analogue addressable fire control panels marks a clear evolution from previous generations.

This series has solutions to satisfy all market segments: from small domestic applications requiring 1 loop to large applications requiring 8 loops. At maximum configuration a SmartLoop system can support 30 control panels (arranged in a token-ring) and, if you consider that each control panel can manage up to 8 loops, and that each loop can accommodate as many as 240 devices, it is clearly apparent that the cutting-edge technology of the SmartLoop series has achieved excellence in application flexibility.

The SmartLoop series has been specially designed to provide enhanced features, best-in-class performance, simple end-user operation and trouble-free installation, all with the aim of helping the installer company to improve efficiency.These first-rate features have been made possibile by the appliance of multiprocessor architecture with self-diagnosis features co-ordinated by a 32 bit processor. This impressive hardware podium provides the processing resources necessary to ensure the highest levels of reliability, response speed, ease-of-use, connection simplicity, enhancement opportunities and flexibility.

The operational superiority of the SmartLoop system is rooted in the synergy of various state-of-the-art technologies: OpenLoop technology; HorNet token-ring technology; Emergency54 technology and Janus technology (refer to the “Technologies” section for details).

The SmartLoop control panel has 5 supervised outputs for alarm and fault signaling (the efficiency of these outputs is monitored continuously). It can identify and diagnose anomalous conditions and provide an ample spectrum of visual signals: alarm, pre-alarm, fault, early warning, bypass, test, monitor. All system status signaling is indicated on the display and on the system status LEDs. In addition to the supervised outputs, this control panel provides two relays for alarm and fault signaling and also an output for battery shutdown signaling.

If you wish to increase the number of on-panel inputs and outputs, you can install a 6-terminal SmartLoopINOUT expansion board. Each of the SmartLoopINOUT terminals can be set up to operate as either a supervised output; a supervised input or a conventional detector zone. This important feature is yet another innovation pioneered by INIM. These “three-option” terminals abolish the inflexibility normally found in conventional input/output expansion boards and also allow the control panel to manage zones with conventional detectors. The SmartLoop system provides an RS485 BUS for remote-control Repeater panel connections. Two Repeater models are available: SmartLetUSee/LCD with display; SmartLetUSee/LED with status LEDs. Repeater panels replicate all the fire alarm system data and allow users to access and control the system in accordance with their authorized access level. The RS485 BUS also accepts and manages a fire extinction control panel. Two models are available: SmartLine020-2EXT (sigle channel);SmartLine036-4EXT (single channel).

These fire extinction control panels are conventional panels from the SmartLine series and are equipped with a SmartLetLoose/ONE fire extinction board. All the control panels from the SmartLoop series support the SmartLoop/PSTN board which provides voice and digital dialler functions. Programming the system from the control panel is straightforward and trouble-free thanks to the easy-to-follow instructions on the display. The time-saving Self-Addressing feature (for the loop devices) simplifies the procedure even more. The system can also be programmed using SmartLeague software application (runs under Windows) which offers an easy-to-use graphic interface. This method will allow the installer to program the system on a home or office computer and download the pre-set data at a later time via RS232, USB or Ethernet (for SmartLAN enhanced systems).

The SmartLeague’s simple “drag and drop” operations will allow you to enjoy the convenience and ease of configuring the system with the visual help of a virtual system. The right-across-the-range components, reduced-complexity firmware, and optimized remote programming and diagnostic features keep the technicians time on site to a minimum. The SmartLoop fire control panel with its plain language excels in application flexibility. Its versatility and ease of operation makes it perfect for all market segments, from medium commercial applications to large facilities such as hospitals, shopping malls and airports.

Fire detection and suppression systems

Operating voltage

230 Vac -15% + 10% 50/60Hz

Maximum internal power current

4 A

Maximum external load current (loop devices, external loads, accessory boards, etc.)

2,8 A

Battery specifications

12V @ 7Ah or 12V @ 17Ah

Operating temperature

Da -5° a +40° C


48 cm x 47 cm x 13,5 cm


8 Kg

Features and Technical specifications

  • Analog-addressable fire control panel
  • 2 loops expandable to 8 for 2080 expandable models 1 loop on non-expandable 1010 models
  • All models in the SmartLoop series are EN54 Approved
  • Multiprocessor hardware structure
  • 32 bit main CPU
  • OpenLoop Technology
  • HorNet token- ring architecture
  • Supports Emergency54 emergency configuration (CPU redundancy)
  • Manages up to 30 panel token-ring network via the SmartLoop/NET board (accessory item)
  • Easy remote access through SmartLAN board (accessory item)
  • 2 or 4 wire loop connection
  • Supports 240 devices per loop
  • Manages up to 8 remote-control Repeater panels connected to the RS485 Interface
  • Manages power stations on the RS485 BUS
  • Manages a fire-suppression control panel on the RS485 BUS
  • 3 general purpose NAC outputs
  • 1 NAC Alarm output
  • 1 NAC Trouble output
  • 1 dry contact Alarm relay
  • 1 dry contact Trouble relay
  • RS485 BUS for Repeater panel connections (SmartLetUSee/LCD and SmartLetUSee/LED)
  • Manages SmartLine020-4EXT and SmartLine036-4EXT fire extinguishing control panels via RS485 BUS
  • Manages up to 14 remote-control Repeater panels on the RS485 BUS (maximum wire length between panels 1000m)
  • 1 24 V power supply output for external devices
  • 1 24 V resettable output
  • Battery shutdown relay for deep discharge conditions
  • RS232 and USB connectors for uploading/downloading data
  • 2000 event buffer
  • Self-enrolling (for loop devices)
  • Self-addressing (for loop devices)
  • Manages conventional detectors (through SmartLoop/INOUT board)
  • Emergency phone call (through SmartLoop/PSTN board)
  • Large backlit alphanumeric display for easy management of Installer/User interface
  • Navigation keys for easy access to menu options
  • Fast keys (Test, Beeper, Silence, Reset, Evacuate, Investigate)
  • Beeper (provides audible signals)
  • User-friendly programming software (runs under Windows)
  • Easy system programming from the control panel
  • Code or key access to Level 2 functions (EN54 compliant)
  • On-board connector for Thermal probe (accessory item).
  • Battery efficiency test
  • Extensive application of SMD reflux technology for higher reliability
  • Metal box
  • Mains power supply 230Vac ± 10%
  • Switching power supply/battery charger 4A @ 27.6Vdc
  • Battery housing for two 17Ah, 12V batteries
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 480x470x135mm
  • Weight (without batteries): 8Kg