Universal tube adaptor

Houses all types of detector (analogue or conventional). The detector base (not included) fits inside and is secured firmly in place by means of two screws (included). A practical terminal board makes wiring easy.

It provides early warning of smoke by continually sampling air movement within heating and ventilation ducts in industrial and commercial buildings.

Based on the Venturi principle, this device has been designed to operate with an optical smoke detector and adequate length airsampling tube. It operates at an air velocity of between 0.5m/s to 20m/s.

  • Single tube air-sampling system
  • New design sampling tube
  • Test hole on cover on
  • Easy installation
  • Air flow indicator
  • Filter to reduce dust and other deposits on the detector
  • Efficient service and easy maintenance
  • Easy mount sampling tube
  • Compatible with analogue and conventional systems
  • Mounting brackets for circular ducts

Technical specifications

DDH dimensions (without tube)


DDH weight


Sampling tube length


Air velocity


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