Magnetic contact (two-way) with 2 inputs/outputs (wireless expansions)

Defining this device as a magnetic contact is somewhat reductive. Besides providing two positions for the magnet, 90 degrees one from the other for device placement optimization, the MC300 magnetic contact provides 2 terminals which can be configured individually as input or output terminals.

Configuring the terminals as inputs provides standard zone management (NO, NC, Single Balancing; Double Balancing), and also allows direct connection of shock and rollerblind detectors.

Configuring the terminals as outputs grants access to a 50mA open-collector output.

Alarms deriving from the magnetic contacts, and distinctly from the 2 terminals, will be signalled separately on the control panel. This device provides an option which allows you to change the “unused”magnetic contact (of the two present on the device) into a magnetic tamper protection. In this way, it will be capable detecting tamper attempts using magnets.

This device is protected against dislodgement and open-cover tamper. MC300 is available in brown, black or white.

Technical features of the AIR2-MC300 Magnetic contact

Communication with transceiver Air2-BS200



Dislodgement and open cove

Magnetic contacts

2 a 90° can be used individually or as a pair


2 configurable individually as input or output

Terminal balancing managment

NO, NC, Single balancing, Double balancing

Rollerblind and shock detector management

Yes, on both terminals

Alarm signalling channels

Alarm signalling separate for magnetic contact, first terminal and second terminal


White, black and brown


Alcalina, AA 1.5 V

Battery life

4 years

Dimensions (HxWxD)

108x26x26,5 mm



Air2-MC300B: magnetic contact (two-way) with 2 inputs/outputs (wireless expansions). White.

Air2-MC300M: magnetic contact (two-way) with 2 inputs/outputs (wireless expansions). Brown.

Air2-MC300N: magnetic contact (two-way) with 2 inputs/outputs (wireless expansions). Black..

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