Switching power-supply module

Connects to the mains power supply and supplies a maximum 4A current to the system.

Houses a 1.5A battery charger capable of maintaining under charge two 17Ah or 24Ah batteries.

Offers two supervised outputs and a configurable relay output (at factory default configured as Alarm output, AUX output and fault signalling relay).

Accepts 230Vac or 115 Vac 50/60 Hz input

Each metal cabinet is capable of housing one power-supply module only.

Each control panel is capable of managing up to 4 powersupply modules (one per cabinet).

IFM series modules connect to the CAN drive bar on the inside of the cabinets (max. 8 IFM modules per cabinet) depending on the required functions.

For the certification documents, refer to the relative control panel page in which the module is installed.

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