LED signalling module for fire extinguishment systems

If IFMEXT function modules are housed inside the control panel, the use of one or more FPMEXT modules is compulsory as visual indication of the extinction status, other than that on the display, must be provided.

Each FPMEXT module provide the indications of 5 IFMEXT extinguishment modules. Mounts to the frontplate and, if housed in the upper opening, connects to the CAN drive bar. If housed in the lower opening, it connects to the FPM module in the upper opening.

The modules from the FPM series are housed on the cabinet frontplate, maximum of 2 per cabinet.

FPMEXT-L: light-grey coloured plastic.

FPMEXT-G: dark-grey coloured plastic.

For the certification documents, refer to the relative control panel page in which the module is installed.

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